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Elopement: The day that you say "I DO"

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

The day you commit your love to your life partner should consist of intentional details that truly matter. Everyone deserves to experience love in the most intimate, joyous, and carefree way.

Elopement allows you to express & feel love the way your heart sings. It’s all about you and whom you love, together, all at once, experience one of the most important moments in life.

All those little moments become your life story and live on from generation to generation. We want to be the friends who can help you each step along the way of elopement planning so we can document your story in the form of photographs that mean everything to your heart.

This is why on day one, we listen to your visions and wishes. During planning process, we provide insights, resources, and helpful tips on planning an epic adventurous elopement. On the day of your elopement, we will be your photographer, best man, maid of honor, witness on your marriage license, and most importantly, a friend that truly care for your experience.

Our goal is for when you look back on your elopement photos, you get to experience every single moment all over again, you get to feel how you felt on your elopement day, and you get to relive all those gentle touches and kisses.

The word wedding is often associated with “tradition”, “love”, “celebration”. The word elopement is often associated with “secret”, “small”, “lonely”, “court house”.

So what does it mean to elope? In the world of intimate weddings and adventure elopements, the day you get married does not need to be adhered to any expectations. Adventure elopements are for couples who choose to focus on the intentional experience of wholeheartedly having your wedding day the way you want to. You do so so that years from now, you won’t have any “oh we should have…” So you can choose to elope with just the two of you or with some friends and family members. You can choose to travel to somewhere meaningful to your relationship or a destination completely new to start your marriage on an adventurous note. When its all said and done, hopefully you had Only On Camera Productions capture those intimate moments for you.

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