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Get to know me, for real!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jonathan but some people know me as Johnny, Jay, and even John. I've officially been in the photography business for a three years know and boy oh boy have i ad my fair share of pitfulls. I've had the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows, but I've yet to give up. Over my journey I've pursued everything from wedding, to family portaits, headshots, egagement shoots, and more. But as of lately I've honestly had my hardest month business wise recently. The market is extremely competitive, and I find that not everyone feels the need for a professional photographer. On a daily basis I find myself fighting for the right to exist and prove my need. Sure cellphones are only getting better, but they will never replace the true need for a real photographer. I'm thankful for my family and supporters thus far because believe me nothing about photography is easy, I love my On On Camera family and will only continue to push forward with my dreams!

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